• School Jokes SMS

    There was a conversation going between sir & student:
    Sir:Why haven’t u come to school yesterday?
    Student:Sir! there was a quarrel between my parents that’s why
    Sir: So what happened if your parents quarrel?
    Student: Sir! one shoe was in my mother’s hand and one on my father’s that’s why I didn’t had any shoes and was unable to come to school.
    1. A kid gets zero in a paper
    Father angrily asks,
    “Wats this?”
    Kid : Teacher dint have more stars to give, so she started giving MOONS..
    2. LKG Boy on Phone : My son has a bad cold and won’t be able to come to school today
    Teacher : Who is on the line ?
    Boy : This is my father speaking..

    Teacher : Isaac Newton
    was sitting under a tree when an apple fell on his head and he discovered gravity.
    Student : Right. Had he
    sat in the Class, he
    wouldn’t have discovered anything.
    Teacher – What do we
    call a man with 2 knees.?Santa – ‘Dho’ni
    Teacher – What.?
    Ok tell me what do
    we call a knee of a child.?Santa – mmmm..’Kid’ney…

    TEACHER – Can you Tell
    me 2 creatures which
    Do Not have Teeth.
    PAPPU – I’ll tell ma’am. Teacher – Good. Tell me.Pappu – Grandma and Grandpa. . .
    TEACHER – Pappu,
    You Missed School yesterday, Didn’t You.?
    PAPPU – No, Not a bit Ma’am.!!
    Teacher : Your son
    is Very Good but
    spends Too much time Thinking about Girls.
    Mother : If you find
    a solution, please advise.
    His Father has
    the Same Problem.
    TEACHER – What are
    the people of
    Turkey called.?
    PAPPU – I don’t know. TEACHER – They are
    called Turks.
    Tell me What are people
    of Germany called.?
    PAPPU- Germs
    My nights are going sleepless,
    my days are going useless.
    So I asked GOD, “is this love?”.
    GOD replied, “no dear, result is near
    TEACHER – Draw a
    Diagram of bacteria
    Sunny – Here it is sir TEACHER – Where.?
    You haven’t drawn
    Sunny – Sir Can You
    See bacteria without
    RAJU – Did you
    Hear Raghu Snoring
    during the morning
    School Prayer.?
    RAGHU – Yes, he was the
    one who Woke me up.!

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